The term broadloom is defined as carpet that is woven on a wide loom, and it generally refers to tufted carpet that is installed wall-to-wall. Historically, carpets were hand woven on looms. The term “broad loom” literally refers to a loom that is wider than the average loom size and is used to make a large carpet. Broadloom carpets also come in a variety of styles and designs, the aesthetic possibilities are endless, and meaning there is a broadloom carpet to match every space and style.

They come in qualities of polypropylene, polyester and nylon covering two types – loop & cut.

Broadlooms are non-allergic unlike wool carpets and are easy to maintain & wash. Broadlooms can also be cut to a certain size and finished along the edges to use them as a smaller area rug or carpet runner. They are mainly used in big residences and the hospitality industry.


Care free





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